FAQ'S about Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Q. What makes a piece of jewelry Black Hills Gold?

A. It has the unique traditional design comprised of pink and green gold leaves, gold grape clusters and vines and it must, by law, be manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Q. How is the green and pink-colored gold made?

A. Pure 24 karat yellow gold is alloyed with silver to create the vibrant green, and is alloyed with copper to make the dazzling pink. The resulting alloy is a more durable 12 karat gold.

Q. What karat is Black Hills Gold jewelry?

A. Nearly all pieces, regardless of manufacturer, are comprised of 10 karat yellow gold (ring shanks, pendant and earring bases), 12 karat pink and green gold (leaves, roses, hearts, butterflies etc..), 14 karat gold earring posts and complimentary gold-filled (1/20 12 karat) 18" chains for pendants. A few select wedding sets are made with 14 karat gold shanks. Pieces incorporating silver use only high-quality sterling silver.

Q. Who makes Black Hills Gold jewelry?

A. While there may be other companies making this unique jewelry, we feature only these best-quality companies in our store: Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, Landstrom's Original Black Hills Gold Creations, Mt Rushmore Black Hills Gold, and Stamper Jewelry, Inc.

Q. Is Black Hills Gold Outlet a manufacturer?

A. No, we are an independently-owned, online-only retail store featuring all the major Black Hills Gold manufacturers. Our history began with a traditional store in 1976, continued through 2003 with several retail stores in multiple Black Hills locations. We created our first online store in 1997, and we have continued since 2003 as an online-only store. We are celebrating our 20th year on the World Wide Web!

Q. My Black Hills Gold needs repair. How do I get this done?

A. A warranty may apply, so contacting the manufacturer of your item is the first step. That factory will give you instructions for sending it to them. Once it's received, they will inspect the piece to determine the issue and whether the lifetime warranty applies. An estimate for repairs (if applicable) will be provided before performing any work. A replacement may even apply.

Q. Do you have printed catalogs?

A. Unfortunately we no longer offer printed materials by mail.